Voice Movement Therapy


Finding and nurturing full self-expression through the embodied process of Voice Movement Therapy (VMT)

Voice Movement Therapy

Liberates the Voice, Frees the Body and Empowers the Self.

“Working on the vocal instrument does not only nurture the sonorous power of the acoustic voice, it releases the soulful power of our psychological voice and increases the sound of our presence in the world. Having a voice means having an impact and influence.Our voice is the means by which we make ourselves known and ensure that we are heard.”

(Newham, 1999, 10)

VOICE MOVEMENT THERAPY (VMT) helps you to reclaim your acoustic and metaphorical voice. If you think about something that charges you, something in your past or present which upsets you, you will probably find that in that moment, relationship or environment, you do not or did not have a voice. Your voice was silenceddismissedtaken from you, or you may have chosen to not voice yourself in order to survive that moment.

Voice Movement Therapy (VMT) helps you to reclaim your voice from these moments. In this way it liberates your voice, acoustically and metaphorically. You can breathe again; you feel empowered and can move forward.

The creative process of VMT is deeply transformational; it draws on body knowledge and your own inherent creativity. It develops self-awareness, facilitates full expression, nurtures the way that one relates to the world and enables one to authentically voice the Self.

Through a liberated voice, a free body and an empowered Self, YOU THRIVE!